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Saw this amazing band last night and I can't believe how good they sounded, I've been to concerts where the singers and bands sound terrible but Fall Out Boy was amazing. When they first came out I almost cried but Amazing!!

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I'm a music listener, not a music expert. Stop asking me what song, who's the name of the band member, and doubting me for wearing a band tshirt. Wtf

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Patrick Stump with Brendon Urie<<<This is a ship isn't it? I'm scared to know but what's the ship name

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There's a "hell" in hello "Good" in goodbye "Lie" in believe "Over" in lover "End" in friend & "if" in life

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Any1 else luv twenty one pilots but aren't sure about them taking MCR's place in the emo trinity?

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Robert Smith - The Cure is a HUGE influence on how I listen to music. He is a master of layering and vibe. My three favorites are Pornography, Faith and Japanese Whispers.

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This makes me think about the idea that the monster is a psychological one. What does it represent in the girl's psyche? Loss of innocence?

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