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Walking Dead 402 or as I like to call it “The Episode You Cry Every 12 Minutes”

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12 Funniest 'Walking Dead' Fan-Made Memes From Season 3 (PHOTOS)

Lola: Phoenician with a love of quirky boys. Music is my religion and nerdiness is my way of life. LOLAHASFASIONMOXIE PINTEREST INSTAGRAM TWITTER GOODREADS WISHLIST

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37 Hilariously Horrible Walking Dead Dad Jokes [Gallery] | The Lion's Den University

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The Walking Dead 5x01 "No Sanctuary" This is really emotional. This scene fucking touched my heart !

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27 Gifts Only True "Walking Dead" Fans Will Appreciate

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Sara Humphreys on ‘The Walking Dead’ Knots Untie: Calm before the storm (interview with Josh McDermitt)

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The Walking Dead - OMg, The FEELS from last nights episode! :/ Could we get ANY more Emotional TWD?

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My students once asked me which Walking Dead character I would be, and my response was, "The body that all of the zombies are eating in the background of the very first episode? Yeah, that'd be me."

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: Yep, Terminus Is "A" Finale Trap! Beth, Carol Coming in Season 5?

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Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Recap: 5 Things You Might Have Missed

Here are five mind-blowing things you might have missed in The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere

'Walking Dead' Basically Confirms That Theory You Suspected

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode Photos - Enid (Katelyn Nacon) and Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) in Episode 15 Photo by Gene Page/AMC

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