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One weird film...I've seen it at least 5's like a train wreck, ya gotta watch. Donny Darko. Helping make a cult classic one viewing at a time.

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More Art from the Stephen King Art Show - IT, Gunslinger, and More

Una de las historias más escalofriantes de S. King. Leí la novela de 1500 páginas, pero nunca me imaginé el final.

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Grayish Blue White Floral Duvet Cover

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The Walking Dead board games ~ #TWD #TheWalkingDead-NEED! :)  I want this!!!!

The Walking Dead Gets Own Monopoly, Risk Editions

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vintage horror movie posters | ... WALKING DEAD Portrait - Vintage Horror Movie Posters Wallpaper Image

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Greetings all from beyond the grave. I'm still alive. Last year I didn't manage to do any Halloween themed pictures for DeviantArt so hopefully this year will make up for it. This start...

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The 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix to Watch Now! (Dec. 2013)

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Coraline (2009)

Coraline is both stunning on its animation and story line. Thanks to Henry selick and Neil gaiman!!

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