Sleeping unicorn mobile/room decor by Maddieshats on Etsy

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The subject of a unicorn and a girl has been used in various fantasy, historical and religious images. The unicorn is a magical creature and a symbol of purity and grace. According to legend unicorns are wild and shy animals and can only be tamed by a virgin maiden.

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This week, I made some bright and colorful white chocolate Unicorn Fudge that is guaranteed to brighten up anyone's day. If you haven't noticed, the Unicorn trend has taken the Instagram baking world by storm...

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But I’m the unicorn of the sea... Get the Hi There! I'm a Narwhal t-shirt only at TeeTurtle!

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You won't believe this amazing unicorn rainbow party! Love the cake on the first slide! See more party ideas at!

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Unicorn Horn | bubble bar | Lush Valentine 2015 | Gorgeous pastel colors and a shimmering luster create enchanting pink waters with silvery trails sparkling through it – just like the dazzling pools in magical forests that unicorns can be found bathing in. Lavender, ylang ylang and neroli create a unique and uplifting fragrance as you surround yourself with mounds of bubbles that will leave you feeling perfectly serene.

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Perfect for the bedroom, study or homely environment to place these gorgeous…

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