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"Jewel City doesn't belong to the heroes; it belongs to the underdogs, like me." Blüd announced to the crowd of scum packed into the cramped space beneath the city.

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I think people are missing the obvious one here . . . Bruce . . . He will do more damage than any of the others

Men did not GIVE women the right to vote. Women fought and DIED for that right. We earned it.

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Nov 5 Underdogs Gallery - Lisbon, Portugal

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Captain America: The First Avenger. Most underdogs usually have strong virtues. Captain America does go through a huge physical transformation - and yes that helps him achieve his obstacles - but we root for him because of his down to earth demeanor and strong virtues makes him relatable and human. He's an underdog because he's in a world where people compromise and stray from good values, while he maintains himself.

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gosha rubchinskiy's berlin diary

As the Russian fashion-photography wunderkind shares a series of portraits with us, we sat down for a wide-ranging discussion about fashion and youth today, and why his next collection will be made up of suits.

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CLASSES: Based on your description, I will give you a "class". Alpha-the best, Beta-average, or Omega-the Underdogs. Then, I will choose who will be the Head and Second In Command of each group.

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