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I think it's time to be happy again. Click for tools to find and maintain #happy, safe-feeling #love. #notsalmon

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Because time is going by whether you do something or not.. Join the #Bossbabe Netwerk (Click The Link In Our Profile Now! )

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Pushing for what you want takes energy but is worth it in the end. Is there anything you did when you were a kid that you ended up quitting and now regret? For me it was piano. Now I'm learning how to play again after 12 years and am determined not to quit again. Allow yourself time to rest & take a little break and then go back at it once you re-energize. Rest > quit. /// SNAPCHAT: kellidav by happsters

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a) unknown b) I chose this pin because I do worry about my future and all of the things that could go wrong. Whether it's tomorrow or next year or 10 years from now I worry. I tend to put more on my plate at a time that is necessary which is something I need to work on so I'm not as stressed all of the time.

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Curiano Quotes Life - Quote, Love Quotes, Life Quotes, Live Life Quote, and Letting Go Quotes. Visit this blog now

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I was a shy kid, an awkward teenager, an under confident young man, and now, at 46 years old, I'm the happiest I've ever been. Why? Because I've found the confidence to express myself, to achieve my potential as a human being, to taste self-actualisation, to break free from stifling negativity, to share time and space with good people, and to choose life-enriching experiences over materialism and societal expectations. Life is not easy, it's not supposed to be. You are going to have really…

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