The Thing (1982) - best pre-CGI special effects ever, and one of the greatest movie posters of all time. Horror film. Science fiction.  Horror film.

The top 25 movie posters of all time

The Thing Movie Poster Horror John Carpenter Alien- I freaking love this movie.

Limited edition Movie poster 'The Thing' 1982 by Kinographics

Movie poster 'The Thing' 1982 horror classic colour print

Artist's Watercolor Horror Movie Posters Will Melt Your Mind! - Bloody Disgusting!

Artist Christopher Shy has somehow managed to capture the swirling, amorphous feeling of a nightmare with his series of watercolor horror and sci-fi movie posters.

The Thing - movie poster. Excellent film. I've seen it a few times and it never gets old

The Thing (1982)

One of the greatest horror movies of all time!

The Thing movie poster by Chud commissioned for the John Carpenter Charity Event at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival on Click the link for more.

The Thing

50 Beautiful Movie Posters

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John Carpenter's The Thing still shocks today with its phenomenal makeup and mechanical effects, making cgi show its arse.

30+ Simple and Minimalist Movie Posters

My favorite poster so far. Did one of my favorite horror movies, The Thing. Not the new prequel but the awesome 1982 remake with Kurt Russel. The Thing minimalist poster