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How to become a Stepford Wife in several easy lessons. Looks like it was written in the same period as the initial novel and film.


The Stepford Wives (2004)

The Stepford Wives (2004) After moving to the beautiful suburb of Stepford with her husband (Matthew Broderick), career-driven Joanna (Nicole Kidman) begins to suspect something is radically wrong with the other wives, who are led by the perky and vacant Claire (Glenn Close). Are the husbands replacing these once-intelligent women with sexually compliant cyborg copies? Joanna's new friends, Bobbie (Bette Midler) and Roger (Roger Bart), also think something's off.


Hooked on antidepressants and boozing in the afternoon: Author on how yummy mummies in Brooklyn's Park Slope are the new Stepford Wives (and she should know - she is one)

Perfect: New York's Park Slope is said to be filled with unwaveringly perky women, like Faith Hill (left) and Nicole Kidman (right) in the The Stepford Wives


Kibbe Dramatic Classic: Katherine Ross | NOTE: Just as Dramatic Classics have prominent facial bone structure, they have other prominent bone structure, especially through the hips and shoulders. This is the typical shape of a Dramatic Classic body when at a trim, but healthy, weight. Prominent hip bones. Concave sides. Sculpted. Shown here in The Stepford Wives. *Skinny-bashing comments not welcome.