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You alone are Jehovah; you made the heavens, yes Jehovah is great and most worthy of praise. He is more awe-inspiring than all other gods. All the gods of the peoples are worthless gods, But Jehovah is the one who made the heavens.

Lake Granby in Grand County, Colorado. The bright star in the middle is Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and part of the constellation Canis Major.

Spectacular displays of the northern lights or aurora borealis in northern Norway

Burnout's Silver Lining

Photo by Thomas Zimmerman. "A violent thunderstorm builds on the plains of Kansas over a beautiful red barn in Ellis County, Kansas." I was born in Ellis County!

Dani and Lizzy - Dancing in the sky this song makes me want to cry everytime i listen to it. I think of my sister who is up in heaven dancing in the sky.

"Sky Scarf" project - document the weather outside your window. Gather yarn in a nice range of blues and grays. Each day knit a stripe in colors that match the sky. The pattern turns 365 days of sky observations into a five-foot long scarf.

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Touch the Sky, Hillsong

New Hillsong United song 'Touch The Sky' (lyric video) - Hillsong UNITED The most incredible song ever!

Venezuela, Maracaibo, Catatumbo Lightning - At the point where the Catatumbo River meets Lake Maracaibo a constant lightning storm illuminates the sky for around 10 hours a night, for almost half the nights out of the year.

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Spirit In The Sky Norman Greenbaum - Ghost of a Chance playlist