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The Shining. "I'm not gonna hurt ya! I'm just going to bash your fu*king brains in!" (My all time fave horror film)

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The Shining - Brilliant Jack Nicholson, Amazing camera work, Ambiguous climax so typical to Stanley Kubrick.. A must-watch!

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Most frightening nightmare moment in the Overlook Hotel in "The Shining" (you understand this scene better if you read the book)

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The Shining. No movie could ever fully capture the creepiness of the Stephen King original, but Jack Nicholson et. al. sure come close. Shelly Duvall gets on my nerves, but then the little kid starts talking to his finger and pretty soon I'm checking all the locks on the windows, just in case.

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- Story - Details Ships late August. The Shining Blanket was inspired by the 1980 classic horror film by Stanley Kubrick. The scenes from The Shining at the Overlook Hotel when Danny rides his tricycl

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