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Free Font Of The Day : Pier

Free Font Of The Day : Pier

FREE TYPEFACE First of (hopefully) many that I will create Pier is a modern and structured typography. The idea was to create a slightly off geometric font that would look as good big or ve.

Ink & Typography Design Template for Premium Members

Ink & Typography Design Template for Premium Members

This is an example of an all capitals, sans serif typeface. Ink & Typography Design Template for Premium Members

karenkavett:  mudswat:  grandmoffpuppeteer:  iampox:  Hand...

karenkavett: mudswat: grandmoffpuppeteer: ...

#Free uppercase sans display font Phantom http://inspirationhut.net/design-resources/free-type-face-phantom-by-frank-hemmekam/ #typography #graphicdesign

Free Type Face: Phantom by Frank Hemmekam

YOU. #graphic #design #print

Font Size Change on Poster, Attention/Personalized -- Strong typo on pale photo book cover (Cover Magazine / Book Youth)

Typography is a complicated subject to learn, but starting with the history of type styles is a great way to gain an understanding of why there’s so many fonts, and why they look so different! Typefaces are divided up into classifications based on the era or characteristics of their design, which helps narrow down your …

A History of Typeface Styles & Type Classification

the transition in type classification over time, with recognised artists such as sill sans and didone creating typeface styles that we still use to this day.

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Superior Title by MCKL

Superior Title by type foundry MCKL (Minneapolis). High contrast typeface, kind of missing link between Bodoni + Times, suitable for fashion…

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36 Days of Type is a project created by Nina Sans & Rafa Goicoechea that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to give ​their view on our alphabet.

In typography, Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed in 1927 by Paul Renner

Futura Bauhaus style Paul Renner was a prominent member of the Deutscher Werkbund (German Work Federation). Two of his major texts are “Typografie als Kunst” (Typography as Art) and “Die Kunst.

Flow – Typographic Poster

Flow – Typographic Poster

It is a Typographic Poster that I found it used illusion to make people feel the word is flowing through a direction. It makes me feel calm and I just want to go with the flow when I faced some problems.

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25 Cool Type & Lettering Designs

Love this combination of fonts. Am thinking of having Amber Roberts in this combo, with my company description in a sans serif.