I know his acting's criticised in that scene, but personally, I think the animalistic sounds portray perfectly the anger at himself, at Sherlock, at Mary, the grief he's feeling...everything.

John - The Reichenbach Fall vs. The Six Thatchers // Yeah, that was.kind of disturbing. I felt so uncomfortable<<< greif does weird things to people

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The Reichenbach Fall

Sherlock isn't Sherlock without his collar flipped up. I was watching this episode for the first time and laughed, then sent those lines to my friend.

"He's my friend." Made me loose control of my feels.

"He's my friend." the way john's voice cracks slightly.hes about to cry. he misses sherlock. and he never really knew how much he really loved sherlock untill he watched him fall off a building. let that be a lesson

How does this have no notes? I mean I am brilliant here. It's the plan cold truth that no one recognizes.

How does this have no notes? I mean I am brilliant here. It's the plan cold truth that no one recognizes.<---- this is genius

Otterlock: The Reichenbach Fall  GIF, click to see! << I think my reaction was the same as Jawn's, lol.

Otterlock: The Reichenbach Fall GIF, << I think my reaction was the same as Jawn's, lol.

SHERLOCK : The Reichenbach Fall episode, season 2

Forever remember the reichenbach fall

I cried so hard and (3rd time I watched it) my sister finally told me I had a problem. Yes, it's a love of the acting in this series.

Martin Freeman is the PERFECT John Watson. He read Sherlock almost as quickly as Sherlock read him!

Benedict's Reaction to Martin's Acting During the Fall ---> it's ok Ben, we all cried with ya

maddykinnns: Reichenbach Feels 😭😭😭 - bekah1218

And the doctors skipped 20 because he doesn't want to know what moffets going to do to him

And watching him fall, and watching him actually hit the fucking ground. The whole fall was just fucking painfully painfully heart breaking. And seeing how John reacted when Sherlock was lying there, aghh most upsetting thing to ever be on tv ever :'(

A Study in Pink » The Reichenbach Fall. It's amazing to see the foreshadowing all the way from the beginning. These writers are outstanding

The first aired episode and the Reichenbach fall. Why does this hurt so much?

And then he ends up being there kidnapper yaaaay! Hehehe

golly gee john come look isn't that just nifty // I assumed he meant 'neat' as in a 'clean' way to get away with it

I totally think this fits! Now how did he survive the fall? <-- Time Lady Librarian: "my theory is that he didn't land on anything and it was a real free fall. from a writer's perspective, it's both risky and unexpected, and internet research supports the idea that it can be done."

Sherlock (BBC) ~ A fan's explanation of the clue series creator Steven Moffat says the audience missed in Season Episode The Reichenbach Fall.