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The Real Ghostbusters - Four eccentric paranormal professionals tangle with the bizarre and otherworldly in this animated continuation of the popular live-action movie.



The Real Ghostbusters is an animated series adaptation of the hit supernatural comedy classic, Ghostbusters.

Retro cartoons are like a warm refreshing slice of nostalgia. If you remember cartoons from the and you're in for a treat as we list the top

I was in awe of Kevin's character on screen as I had never in my life seen a man put into that type of role.  It was refreshing to see it reversed.  I just found the whole movie amazing for so many different reasons.

It was weird to see Kevin in there at first but I immediately got it and it was just kinda neat to see it done that way? Like, hes there to poke at other movies that do it with woman and show how kinda silly it can be yknow

Ghostbusters Firehouse For Sale

That's a lot of marshmallows! How Ghostbusters firehouse would be worth $16M thanks to its New York location and 10,000sq-ft space

The Real Ghostbusters #16 comic cover by on @deviantART

My cover for the subscription variant of Ghostbusters available to order soon from IDW and all good comic shops. The Real Ghostbusters comic cover

Joe Quinones' Tumblr Time : Ghostbusters v. Ghostbusters

joequinones: “Just saw this released online - my cover for issue 3 of IDW’s Ghostbuster: Get Real series. I’m a HUGE fan of the movies and the animated series, and had been itching to make an image like this for the longest time. Thanks to IDW and.