Waldorf inspired needle felted mobile: The Pink Colors Wool Fairies via Etsy

Girls Mobile Waldorf inspired needle felted Room Decoration: The Pink Colors Wool Fairies

The Pink Pagoda: Christina Baker Paintings in a Girl's Room

Christina Baker Paintings in a Girl's Room

The Pink Pagoda: Christina Baker Paintings --i am loving bright colored abstract art right now

Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh High - In our never-ending quest to find the longest and comfiest socks for all our sock-loving friends we have taken our  Extraordinary Striped  socks and added several more inches... achieving a sock that went butt-high on many while still being over the knees of even our largest legs with cuffs that easily stretched up and around 26 inch thighs!  Made in the USA

Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh High, Plus sized! They say these streach out to a round thigh.

the pink waters of Lake Retba, known as Lac Rose, in Senegal

It's A Giant Strawberry Milk-Lake

Lake Retba, or as the French refer to it Lac Rose, is situated north of the Cap Vert Peninsula in Senegal, northeast of Dakar. The lake's harmless bacteria makes it pink while it's high salt content makes in easy to float on


In The Pink

a You can get this look by layering Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in these colors. For more ideas of ways to use Chalk Paint outdoors in the Garden see

Check out the Pink Lemonade Jello Shots! You can't go wrong with these at your next party! For the recipe, visit us here: http://www.tipsybartender.com/blog/pink-lemonade-jello-shots

Pink Lemonade Jello Shots - TipsyBartender.com

Pink Lemonade Jello Shots are super delicious with medium alcohol content. These are perfect to bring out when you are having a party. These Jello Shots are made from Pink Lemonade, Gelatin, Lemon Rhine's, Vodka, and Red Food Coloring.

Lisbon, Portugal. The vibrant pink street, Rua Nova do Carvalho, welcomes you to the riverside neighborhood of Cais do Sodré, where you'll find clubs, tapas bars and music venues.

9 Unique and Amazing Streets - pink street, blue street, umbrella street, fake street

The Pink beach stands in Budelli, one of the islands of Sardinia

The Pink beach stands in Budelli, one of the islands of Sardegna (Italy). This odd beach takes name from the particular pink coral colour of the sand, due to the numerous shells and little fragments of red corals.

#pinkobsession    Betty Alexander Rizzo, known mononymously by her surname Rizzo is one of the main characters in the movie Grease. Tough and sarcastic leader of the Pink Ladies, she does not like to hang out with Sandy because Sandy is not tough enough. She smokes, drinks, and does not care what others think of her. Rizzo is also a girl with a "reputation". The girlfriend of Kenickie. In the 1978 movie, she is played by Stockard Channing.

Betty Rizzo

From the movie "Grease"-Pink Ladies: Frenchy, Jan, and Rizzo! - I so want a pink ladies jacket.

Chocolate Covered Katie has The Pink Energizer Smoothie at FoodBlogs.com

The Pink Energizer Smoothie

The pink Razr. | 35 Things Every Teen Girl In The ’00s Was Obsessed With....seriously all I wanted then lol.

35 Things Every Teen Girl In The '00s Was Obsessed With

The pink Razr. My grandma overheard me saying I wanted a pink razr for christmas so she got me one. It was a pink razor for the shower though.

Himalayan Pink Salt Coconut Oil Scrub

Himalayan Pink Salt Coconut Oil Scrub 1 cup Himalayan pink salt finely ground to cup extra virgin coconut oil Approximately drops of lavender essential oil (depending on the oil and the strength desired)

Grease (1978) Randal Kleiser. Missing Rizzle & Sandy but I still luv it-MJ