A neuropathologist has examined the brains of 111 N.F.L. players — and 110 were found to have C.T.E., the degenerative disease linked to repeated blows to the head.

111 N.F.L. Brains. All But One Had C.T.E.

Do We Need a New Way to Teach Math? Could use this as a lesson: have students read the article then write a journal or letter response to be sent to the Times or the authors of the other article.

NSA can't say if it collected data on lawmakers, officials: The National Security Agency said it is lawfully unable to search its database to determine if it has swept up phone records from members of Congress or other elected officials. (TheHill)

House report: 'Substantial' evidence Stockman took illegal contributions

Pixie - LOVE this one! but want only one side cut around the ear and leave the other side longer with lots of layers!

40 Short Hairstyles of 2014 - 2015 that You Will Adore

Love Short hairstyles for older women? wanna give your hair a new look ? Short hairstyles for older women is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy Short hairstyles for older women, Find the best one for you,

mccain back in the day = hot

My six years of hell: John McCain recalls life a prisoner of war in Vietnam

Senator John McCain refused to leave his men behind in POW camps. That my friends, is Heroic in the truest, most ancient definition of this word. The Birds of Golden Feathers

British Left’s War on ‘Page Three Girls’ : The Other McCain

Since Britain’s largest-selling newspaper, The Sun tabloid, has been famous — or, as some would say, notorious — for publishing photos of topless models on page so that t…

This should be a requirement..but since it's not..GO TRUMP.. Hillary needs to be put away..Like all the others she killed.

Presidential Requirement: Previously served in the U. Military Obama is NOT a US Citizen!

Wrinkled Past fot Harshit Thaker "An Old Rabari Women, here telling the stories of her life, she told us the Story of a 'Bhua', Bhua's are Rabari Village's Saint, they consider them as Messengers of god, All Rabari's Follow a 'Bhua', They Believe in every word of 'Bhua', so much so that, if a 'Bhua' proclaims its 'Night' in Middle of Hot day, they will Believe it !"

Phot by Harshit Thaker "Like any other old woman, I like to tell my stories. Telling each other our stories is a traditional way that women have always shared their knowledge and their wisdom.

So important that marriage is not only about a piece of paper, but of two people who truly love each other and promising to love and cherish the other forever.

15 REAL Marriage Vows I Should've Made On My Wedding Day

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A reminder! : “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President." Pinner pinned the complete quote . "or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic