OMG this is amazing! The Ohio State Marching Band goes to the movies - Hollywood Blockbusters! Potterheads pay special attention around the 4:11 mark! WOW!

Ohio State Marching Band's Amazing Formations Salute Hollywood

The Ohio State University - University Hall

OSU - The Ohio State University - Explore Campus in this Photo Tour

Explore The Ohio State University with these 15 pictures. The campus photo tour begins with University Hall at OSU.

I'll definitely need one of these to watch all of the games.

Sure, the Buckeyes can sell T-shirts and caps. But can they sell houses? Several central Ohio homeowners hope so. They are advertising homes with Buckeye basements, dens and bathrooms.

Ohio State Buckeyes Sign Buckeyes Word Blocks by GuidingPrintables

Ohio State Buckeyes Sign Buckeyes Word Blocks - The Ohio State Wooden Block Set - The Ohio State Buckeyes football - OSU football Buckeyes

Falls of the Ohio State Park, Clarsksville, IN. You can find fossils in the rocks along the shore.

Indiana State Park: Falls of the Ohio

The Ohio State University Buckeyes "Keep Calm and Buckeye On" 8x10 Print. $9.95, via Etsy.

I needed this tonight!- The Ohio State University Buckeyes Keep Calm and Buckeye On by SincerelySadieDesign @ etsy