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DOES 'GOTHAM' STAR BEN MCKENZIE HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? DOESN'T SEEM LIKE IT BUT HE MAY JUST BE SNEAKY | MARISSA COOPER | I don’t think Ryan did ever get over Marissa’s death. Seeing your true love die in your arms? Heck no he’s not over her. McKenzie and Mischa Barton are clearly made for one another. Why isn’t she on the new Gotham show? They could reunite on set and rekindle that flame behind the scenes.

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the beauty of leaves (elephantine)

Out in the yard, they appeared nearly identical — not so much, anymore. (I love the edges that...

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I reach out my hand. I hope he grabs it. I feel my hart bouncing in my chest. Would he take it? I want him to. I know that now. I know that something inside of him wants to take my hand. But I'm unsure if he can let that side of him speak, or even show the littlest of its existence. I hope, but I know him, I know his hardest side, and because I know that I know what is happening inside of him now. And I can assure you that that is a lot of screaming.

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