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The Notebook Characters

Magic of the Ancients: Five Incredible Texts of Spells, Curses, and Incantations As long as humanity has had beliefs in a higher power, the use of magic, spells, curses, and incantations have featured widely across cultures. A number of influential texts or ‘grimoires’ (textbooks of magic) were developed over the centuries...


Bullet Journaling for Fiction Writers

Picture this: a magical notebook that collects your lists of character names, rough draft progress meters, and memorable feedback from readers all in one place. Imagine being able to organize it and add new things as you go, without needing to allocate perfectly spaced sections ahead of time. There’s even a special page that helps you find whatever you’re looking for in seconds. Click the pin to read more about the magic of bullet journaling for writers! ∕∕ Something Delicious

from e.a. deverell

Writer Worksheet Wednesday: Stories I Need to Tell

What are the stories YOU need to tell? Gather them with this 3-page writing worksheet!


Okay... I really want this not book for writing prompts and random things I think of for plot lines and what not. I will take it everywhere and write in it ALL the time. Also for character illustration and things of that nature.

from Finished Book

Free Printables for Writing Your Next Novel

Are you interested in writing a novel but you don’t want to start? Do you learn by doing? Do you want easy-to-use worksheets to help novel writing made sense? I’ve pulled together a ton of FREE printables for you.