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The notebook characters

Mood Writing Worksheet

Writing Worksheet – Creating Mood (PDF) I think of mood as being the expression of a setting’s personality. Depending on the narration style, mood will often be created through a character’s experiences with the setting, but it can also remain unmediated. Some of the moodiest creations have deep layers of emotion and richly-detailed and slightly sinister backdrops; Gormenghast and House of Leaves…


Villains (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Creative Writing Worksheet – A Perfect Villain (PDF) There’s nothing quite like a really memorable villain to add drama to a story! Use this worksheet to craft the perfect villain. P.S. You might also like the Love Your Antagonist worksheet!


Writing Dialogue Worksheet

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Light Yagami and Kira/// The difference between the two is drastic in character, and you can tell this when 'Kira' gives up the notebook to Ryuk again to prove his innocence to become 'Light' again. 'Light' is truly justice and is happy enough with the world as is, while 'Kira' is power hungry calling it justice. Light and Kira are two very different people in one mind (@/BeADollAndLeave)


Calling on the goddess.

picture prompt: Calling on the goddess.


How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. -Wordsworth. Something I aim to accomplish More


Bullet Journaling for Fiction Writers

Picture this: a magical notebook that collects your lists of character names, rough draft progress meters, and memorable feedback from readers all in one place. Imagine being able to organize it and add new things as you go, without needing to allocate perfectly spaced sections ahead of time. There’s even a special page that helps you find whatever you’re looking for in seconds. Click the pin to read more about the magic of bullet journaling for writers! ∕∕ Something Delicious