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The Nord Face

Rendille in the Kaisut Desert, Northern #Kenya. By John Kenny

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Astrantia comes from the Greek word for star, and you can see why in the delicate star-like quality of the flower heads

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Eiger - First Ascent to the Nord Face - July 24, 1938 by Anderl Heckmair, Ludwig Vörg, Heinrich Harrer and Fritz Kasparek in a German–Austrian party.


Chiar dacă pe la noi încă nu e zăpadă, acest ursuleț ne face o vizită de la Polul Nord. E mic, e alb, are lăbuțele asortate cu suzeta - ce poate fi mai drăgălaș de atât? Enjoy FollowShare


The Norns - Norse - govern fate, Urd - what has been, Verdandi - what is, Skuld - what is to come. They spin the threads and weave the tapestry of fate for each person's life. The length of the thread is the life span, even the Gods have their own threads but they are hidden. Everything is predetermined by destiny.

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African Chillout

Pictured is a women from Northern Africa. Make up is popular for females in all cultures around the world, but in Africa they take it to another "level." Some use face paint on top of bright/vibrant colored make up. They paint can symbol different things depending on the countries or tribes they are in.