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The Modern Prometheus

Mary Shelley 1797-1851 English writer, Shelley had an unhappy childhood after her mother Mary Wollstonecraft died. Aged 16 she ran away to Europe with the poet Percy Bysshe. One summer they shared a house in Switzerland with othe poets and thinkers including Lord Byron. While there Mary wrote one of the most famous horror stories of al time, about a student called Frankenstein and the terrible monster that he created

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The idea of Frankenstein was so iconic that ever after the Baron was virtually forgotten and the Monster became known by the name of his creator. reator.

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#Frankenstein 1818 edition title page. Mary’s novel, though not her relationship with Percy Shelley, earned her father’s approval. He later wrote to her: “[Frankenstein] is the most wonderful work to have been written at twenty years of age that I have ever heard of. You are now five and twenty. And, most fortunately, you have pursued a course of reading, and cultivated your mind in a manner the most admirably adapted to make you a great and successful author.”

Frankenstein ------- (Mary Shelley)

Frankenstein Or, The Modern Prometheus (Paperback)

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The 100 best novels: No 8 – Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (1818)

John Boles and Boris Karloff in James Whale's 1931 film adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Photograph: Allstar/Cinetext/UNIVERSAL

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