Torus A beautifully formed mirror polished stainless steel elliptical portal that plays with light and reflections to mislead the eye and stimulate the mind

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I like the explosion of colours that have been used to create this piece. The colours contrast beautifully, causing the eye to stand out and be the first thing to draw your attention.

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Januz Miralles - Resources for Art Students ::: CAPI Create Art Portfolio Ideas at

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When People Try to Rain on Your Parade, Poke Them in the Eye with Your Umbrella // Book Page Art // Quirky Saying. $10.00, via Etsy ... makes me laugh every time!

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Love the detail in the eye, reflecting everything it sees. May try this with tonal pencils and compressed charcoal pencils -iris

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(Pity, can't get rid of this title. Well, this photo doesn't creep ME out! I think this is beautiful!)

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Glitter eyes | /invokethespirit/ Get your beauty needs at /GRCosmeticsUS/!

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