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"He's like a little Labrador puppy, he's useless. Seriously, if you're that lonely I will buy you a dog-- one that fetches and doesn't talk back." -Balan (on James)


"Oh come on," he said, rolling his head over to look at me. "The dark side isn't so bad." "Um. Are you sure? Cause it sure seems a little...dark." I scooted away from him a fraction before I could stop myself. A small, sinister smirk crept on to his face. "Oh, sweetheart. No need to be frightened." His voice dropped to a low whisper as he leaned in uncomfortably close. "I'll protect you." ((Credit to Kay Booth))


I think Peter's character in the movie was a little off. He was not a proud and selfish teen who hated Caspian and didn't want him to become king.

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What Book Do You Belong In?

Fairytale - I'm playing with the idea of modern fairytale. Or at least a 'Once upon a time...' style of script. Possibly done like a vlog? Maybe created through flashbacks? Set in the present most likely. Every child dreams of their own fairy land. Not nescessairly full of fairies, princesses, princes and castles but always, ALWAYS full of magic and make believe. Their own little universe. The focus could be on the main characters fairy land. Taking real situations and imagining them as a…

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Westminster Abbey

Tomb of the little Princes from the Tower, interred in the reign of Charles II after a long overdue state funeral. The two young boys bones were discovered under a staircase in the Tower of London. Richard III has long been suspected of having the boys killed as they stood in his way of the throne of England. Some doubt has been cast on the validity of such accusations as most of his character was defined by a William Shakespeare production.

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Artist Shows Us What Disney Villains Would Look Like In Real Life

Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen's most recent project 'Real Life' Disney Characters, shows us what Disney Villains would look like in real life.

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The 25 Books Every Kid Should Have on Their Bookshelf

This month marks the 70th anniversary of one of our favorite children's books of all time, the beautiful, contemplative novella The Little Prince. To celebrate the book's legacy (and to encourage a...


Okay this is good: He is obviously referring to when Lucy discovered Narnia. However, they ruled in Narnia for long enough to grow up, at least twenty years, then they came back to England for another year: AND THAT WAS THE LAST TIME HE DIDN'T BELIEVER HER! For a lifetime, and then some, he has trusted his little sister, even when it seems crazy.