July 2015 / WH petition to extradite #CecilTheLion's killer exceeds 100,000 signatures: http://abcn.ws/1KCdony

Petition to Extradite Lion Killer Exceeds 100K Signatures

In this undated photo provided by the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Cecil the lion rests in Hwange National Park, in Hwange, Zimbabwe. Two Zimbabweans arrested for illegally hunting a lion appeared in court Wednesday.

Hunter: Palmer had is now under investigation after he admitted killing the lion in Zimbabwe this month

Zimbabwe calls for 'foreign poacher' Walter Palmer to be extradited

Dr Walter Palmer sexual harassment victim speaks out after Cecil the lion is killed

Over the past week, there has been an outpouring of anger and sadness at the death of a beloved Zimbabwean lion named Cecil.

Cecil The Lion's "Brother" Is "Alive And Well"

dentist Walter Palmer goes free, Theo Bronkhorst, the hunter who failed to stop him from killing Cecil the lion, says his life has been ruined. The government of Zimbabwe stated earlier .

The death of Cecil the Zimbabwean lion has caused outrage. But the truth about hunting big game is that it creates incentives for conservation

Trophy hunting can be a lifeline for Africa's wildlife

Cecil the lion: Zimbabwean wildlife researcher took last photograph of animal - Telegraph

Cecil the Lion: Zimbabwe searches for hunter who killed iconic big ...

Zimbabwe mounts search for killer of Cecil the Lion

Cecil the Lion: Zimbabwe searches for hunter who killed iconic big .

Cecil the Lion bites back

Hunter who killed Cecil, the famous African lion, identified as Minnesota dentist Read more at hunter-who-killed-cecil-the-famous-african-lion-identified-as-minnesota-dentist

Cecil the Lion, a local and tribal icon, was killed by an American dentist in July 2015. His death launched an immediate firestorm of response and advocacy against trophy hunting

The Other Cecils: The Unnamed Victims of Poaching and Trophy Hunting

You'll Never Guess What Just Happened | The Lion Whisperer - YouTube

This week we put together a compilation of some of our favourite recent bits from the channel showing how unbreakable the bond is between me and the animals.

Meet Kevin Richardson: The Lion Whisperer - My Modern Metropolis

Meet Kevin Richardson: The Lion Whisperer

Priceless Photos of the Lion Whisperer Show Docile Side of Wild Animals

Some more good news: After Jimmy Kimmel made an emotional plea for donations for the Oxford research group after Cecil’s death, money has been flooding in! | Cecil The Lion's Brother Is Protecting His Cubs From Rival Males - BuzzFeed News

Cecil The Lion's "Brother" Is "Alive And Well"

Minnesota Dentist Acknowledges Killing Zimbabwe Lion Named Cecil .

The Lion Whisperer: Kevin Richardson plays with white lions at a game park in South Africa


Kevin Richardson with his Lion I want to become friends with a "wild" animal

Ricky Gervais Calls Killing of Cecil the Lion "Mental" - Us Weekly

Ricky Gervais Calls Killing of Cecil the Lion "Mental"

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Choked Up About Cecil the Lion: Video - Us Weekly

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Choked Up About Cecil the Lion: Video

The late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel, weighed in on the Cecil the Lion killing during an angry monologue on July 28 and he didn’t hold anything back, choking up a little as he made clear his disgust and compared hunter Walter Palmer to Bill Cosby.

Cecil the Lion: Aaron Blaise, an animator who worked on "Lion King," "Aladdin," and "Beauty and the Beast", is an animal lover who, touched by the lion's tragic death, rendered a stunning tribute image of Cecil, which he posted to his website. 100% of the profits from the sale of these images will be donated to WildCRU – the organization that was studying and protecting Cecil and his pride.

Cecil tribute art by Lion King animator Aaron Blaise. (x-post from /r/ImaginaryMindscapes).

Lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my!

20 Heartwarming Pictures Of A Lion, Tiger, And Bear Who Love Each Other Despite Their Differences

BLT: Unusual BFFs: A lion and tiger and bear, oh my! This bear, lion and tiger trio is lovingly called BLT by their caretakers -- and they're the best of friends! They were rescued together as cubs almost 13 years ago and are still inseparable.