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Looking like a stained glass window, this is the remains of the seed pod of one of last summer's garden flowers, Lunaria annua (commonly known as honesty, because the dry seed pods resemble silver coins), magnified around two hundred times and viewed using polarised light.

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No Kiss Will ever be THE same as THE last one we had, standing against THE kitchentable. I realized . I treasure and cherisch that last one memory. Sometimes i still see you standing there.

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Alien Vs Predator. Kramer Vs Kramer. Holmes Vs Moriarty. Aristotle Vs Mashy Spike Plate. And now, it’s finally here. Pyrrha Vs Penny. The one we’ve all be waiting for. This is it. The final showdown....

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Pictures of York England - A Gem of a City

Micklegate Bar, York, UK an ancient entrance to the city of York, over 800 year old Micklegate Bar is by tradition one of the most important ceremonial entrances to York, through which Kings and Queens would enter the city

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Iconic Manchester brewery site to be turned into low-cost Travelodge hotel

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Kinver Edge, Staffordshire, where the last of the troglodytes dwelt in England. There is a complete set of cave-houses excavated into the local sandstone, some restored to a habitable state. It has been plausibly suggested that these cave-houses and their small gardens were the inspiration for Hobbiton in the writings of J.R.R.Tolkien, who grew up in nearby Birmingham and Staffordshire. It’s owned by the National Trust

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