76 questions to self-discovery, inspire positive change, and make you stop and think about yourself and the way you're living life http://oneinfinitelife.com/questions-to-spark-self-discovery/

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Life on both farms this summer is going to be awesome! Hit days in the sun and late nights under the stars!

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"Why worry is a Choice" by Deepak Chopra #link ...you break the cycle of anxiety by changing the way you respond to stress. __The daily checklist to end anxiety #JittersEtAl

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If you really think the economy is more important that the environment, try holding your breath whilst you count your money.

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Want to build some mindfulness practices into your day? Elisha Goldstein suggests key practices you can try right now.

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10 ways to incorporate emerald into your home. Domino magazine shares ways to use the color emerald or green in your home decor.

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like modern design due to the ultra modern facility and cooktop which is very simple and useful. Checkout "30 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas" and get inspired.

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Best Things to do in Venice, Italy. St. Mark's Square, ride a gondola, wander the canals, tour the Doges' Palace, and more. Perfect travel inspiration for planning your visit to Venice!

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