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This looks more pleasing to study and the time put into it means the information was probably learned well when this was made.

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Humayrah Poppins Embroidery + Best of the Web (Design*Sponge)

Humayrah Poppins Embroidery + Best of the Web | Design*Sponge | Bloglovin’

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Chaffinch - another popular garden bird. I wonder how they'll fare in the #birdwatch this year?

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Emma Johnson, Matrix Emma Johnson's work deals with issues of deconstruction and transformation, the recycling of materials, and the ambiguity of communication - as well as the obsessive repetitive actions used in the making of the work. Road maps are reconstructed into artworks which stand as a tangible and symbolic presence of the information contained within, but are virtually unreadable.

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Guide to Cornwall England...awesome travel information on this website! Makes me want to jump on a plane to the UK!

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Courgette, onion and cheddar tart

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The Beth Chatto Gardens - Woodland Garden. The Beth Chatto Gardens began in 1960. From an overgrown wasteland with poor gravel soil and boggy hollows, it has been transformed into an informal garden harmonising with the surrounding countryside. The gardens are an inspiration to anyone who visits them - the art of planting at its best.

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studyrelief : getting ready for my first IB Biology HL test tomorrow (paper 2), followed by my paper 1 and 3 on thursday ! im finding that making these little revision notecards and summarizing the information rly makes understanding concepts easier ! however revision does not necessarily mean success and it’s still a difficult subject at heart …

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