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Slow Cooker Jamaican Curried Lamb

This lamb dish gets its kick from a fiery Scotch bonnet pepper. They're one of the hottest peppers you'll find in grocery stores, so reduce the amount used if you don't like your curry overly spicy. Serve with roti or rice, and garnish with fresh thyme le

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List of Top 20 Hottest Peppers

List of Top 20 Hottest Peppers - Moruga peppers not included here are the hottest

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The 25 Hottest Men Of All Time

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Here's The Scientific Scale Used To Classify Spicy Food

Scoville Scale Pepper Guide....doesn't include the Carolina Reaper which is now ranked worlds hottest.

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Superhot Hot Sauce Recipe - This is pretty much the Hottest Damn Hot Sauce I Ever Made to date. With Carolina Reapers, 7-Pots and Scorpion peppers. So hot, but so good! A Louisiana style hot sauce.

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so me and brandon were walking around town to see new things we were thinking about were to go so we see this place that has the hottest peppers then we see you (OPEN RP/brendon and dallon)

The Flash 1x13 - Barry proves to Lynda that he isn't into anyone else but her by eating world's hottest pepper.

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How Spicy Are Your Peppers?

Chile Pepper Heat (Scoville) Scale: A Guide To The Spiciest Capsicums from mild to burn ur nostril hair hot! ;)

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