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Stiles and Isaacs relationship always made me so happy. I always got the feeling they were kind of fighting over Scott's attention and rights to be his wing man. And I always thought there was a little extra tension between the two because of Scott. And I think Isaac moving in with Scott definitely amped it up for Stiles a little bit. Of course it would have only been fair for Stiles to take to Derek the same way;)


In this episode of Paradise & Its Delights Mufti Abdur-Rahman discusses the soil, sand & light in Paradise. ZamZamAcademy

Teen Wolf - 6x02 - the ghost riders will capture a new victim during tuesday’s new episode. who do you think it is?

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Llyn Y Fan Fach makes Lonely Planet’s most unusual lakes list

A REMOTE Carmarthenshire lake shrouded in Welsh legend has been named as one of the 1,000 must-see sights across the globe by an influential travel bible. Llyn y Fan Fach, 12km southeast of Llandovery in the Brecon Beacons, is the only spot in Wales to make the list, which was put together by Lonely Planet. The travel guide describes the Mid Wales beauty spot as “enchanting” and recounts the tale of The Lady of the Lake. “This isolated drop of blue, beneath a cirque of raw Welsh hills,


Teen Wolf Season 5B Episode 17 "A Credible Threat" Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Coach Finstock More


Was I the only one who noticed that Lydia and stiles were clinging to each other for dear life the whole episode?

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Life's a beach! Glossy girls, rich guys...The impossibly glamorous Beverly Hills 90210 is back

ahhhhhh the 90's! I loved this show but wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid because some it sexual content which was nothing to today's TV shows! This was pre- jersey shore