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Life's a beach! Glossy girls, rich guys...The impossibly glamorous Beverly Hills 90210 is back

ahhhhhh the 90's! I loved this show but wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid because some it sexual content which was nothing to today's TV shows! This was pre- jersey shore

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Non mais ce moment est juste excellent, entre la tête de Scott et celle(s) des twins! Comme quoi la vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid...

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I'm sorry I haven't been on much but I've been ready busy, and I mean REALLY…

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WEBSTA @ usitalianfood - "Our Gold" Chapter 1 Page 4 -As said in the previous episodes in Sicily our gold is quite different. It’s a gold seeded,harvest and patiently cared with love. Sometimes it is blonde, juicy, with or without seeds.We’re talking about citrus fruits. There is the small town of Ribera where these fruits areparticularly important! This land is very far from the stereotype of a dry and sunny Sicily. Itfaces the hills which slope down the wonderful sea in view of Tunisia…

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ahh yes little did he know his life would soon turn to death and destruction :)))))))))

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Papa Stilinski clearly making up excuses to not leave his son. & the fact that Stiles has a favorite pillow.

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