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Spot and Arlo: The Good Dinosaur. READ IT:


Beginning October 16, you can preview scenes from Disney•Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur" with special in-theater effects at the Bug’s Life Theater in Disney California Adventure park!


The Good Dinosaur Cookies Recipe + $200 Fandango Giveaway

These The Good Dinosaur cookies are designed to look like the bottom of Arlo’s foot – complete with his not-so-little dino toes.

Movie "The Good Dinosaur" landscapes are amazing

Movie "The Good Dinosaur" landscapes are amazing

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The Good Dinosaur quote Arlo: [laughs slightly] You guys would have liked my poppa. He wasn't scared of anything. [sighs] I'm done being scared! Butch: Who said I'm not scared? Arlo: But you took on a croc! Butch: And I was scared doin' it. If you ain't scared of a croc bitin' you on the face, you ain't alive. Listen, kid, you can't get rid of fear. It's like Mother Nature; you can't beat her or outrun her, but you can get through it. You can find out what you're made of.


The Good Dinosaur is a great Disney movie it's sad but funny the whole story is about friendship and this story made me cry it's so touching about a boy and a dinosaur I recommend watching it is amazing and don't say it's just for boys it's for both genders I'm a girl :)


The Good Dinosaur Quotes

The Good Dinosaur- the best movie for a young one to learn fears, feelings, and relationships! Melted my heart!!<3