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I move the stars for no one -Jareth the Goblin King Labyrinth (1986)

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1986 - David Bowie as Jareth, The Goblin King in Labyrinth film. Photo for makeup deference

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David Bowie Style File

David Bowie, January 1 1986. In costume as the goblin king in children’s film Labyrinth, directed by Jim Henson, and co-starring Jennifer Connelly.

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Jareth the Goblin King

Jareth, the Goblin King (played by David Bowie) is a main character in the 1986 movie Labyrinth. Jareth is the film's main antagonist, and also appears in much of the tie-in material produced to compliment the film, including its novelization and its manga sequel.

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Jim Henson's 'The Labyrinth' was another childhood favourite and still is due to the brilliant use of props, sets, costumes and creatures.

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The tale of Princess Irene's quest to defeat an army of goblins is a treasured classic from George MacDonald, a master of children's fairy stories.

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PLEASE DON'T FEED THE GOBLINS! Not even if it's just one wee little goblin with the most adorable (yet slightly odd looking) grin.

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Jareth the Goblin King

Jareth the Goblin King by meeepmooop on Polyvore featuring Diego Reiga, Sergio Rossi, CO, Maison Margiela, Christian Dior, Urban Decay, NARS Cosmetics, Alexander McQueen, Illamasqua and Masquerade

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This is a good fairy dress for the Renascence Festival or as the Goblin queen from the Labyrinth

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All Unattended Children Will be given to the Goblin King! Love this movie !Labrynth <3

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