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PLEDGE TO PLANT – EARTH DAY, APRIL 22, 2015 Be a part of the biggest grass-root effort in history by planting a seed/tree as a “give back” to Earth. It's an old Native American tradition that when you take something from the Earth, you must put something back. Earth Day 2015 will be a global "give back to Earth" event, as an "offering" for all the planet gives us.

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17 of the Most Sexual Divergent Jokes and Memes You'll Ever See

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Undercover Billionaire: Sara Blakely Joins The Rich List Thanks To Spanx

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Roasted Chickpeas 5 Ways

The best healthy snack just got even better. Use these simple spice additions to create the recipes shown here, and give your Roasted Chickpea Snacks a variety of interesting flavor twists!

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"I pledge that a Labour Government will ratify the Istanbul Convention and put it into effect, giving all survivors of domestic abuse the right to access the specialist services they need to rebuild their lives and live in safety." - Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party

I'm giving away a $200 gift card tomorrow to the grand opening of H Deets on how to win here:

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What John F. Kennedy Did For Women

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This piece is a painting exploring protest and the right to speak. The artist has used oil paint and smooth brush strokes to produce smooth blends which are easy on the eye. I will try and produce the same sort of effect with soft pastels when I come to do my final piece. The composition consists of several protestors in the fore group, and famous protestors' names in the background, backed by an a rican flag. This is a patriotic symbol and gives the art a propaganda feel.

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