The Duellists, Ridley Scott's first film. Extraordinary film about two men who engage in a series of duels of the years. It is painterly and beautifully acted, with explosive bursts of authentic, bloody swordplay.

The Duellists (1977)

By every rule of single combat, from this moment your life belongs to me. Is that not correct? Then I shall simply declare you dead.

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The Duelists, Ridley Scott's first feature and once again film about obsession like most of the films on this board.

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The Duellists (1977)

Directed by Ridley Scott. With Keith Carradine, Harvey Keitel, Albert Finney, Edward Fox. A duel between two feuding Napoleonic officers eventually evolves into a decades-long series of duels, after each bout - for various reasons - ends unresolved.

T2: The Duellists - 1977. If you want to see textbook examples of all of the different 'fashionable' styles of dueling during the Napoleonic era, this is your film. It's also the only movie I've watched that seems to recreate authentic combat - a cavalry sabre is a heavy thing and it really takes a physical toll after just a few minutes of adrenaline fueled activity - and there isn't any of the ridiculous swashbuckling flourish you usually see in the movies.

The Duellists - First duel with sabres

the duellists (1977) - third duel

The Duellists is a 1977 historical drama film that was Ridley Scott's first feature film as a director. It won the Best Debut Film award at the 1977 Cannes F.

I duellanti - The Duellists. #BrindaConPrimo #Prosecco #PrimoFranco

The Duellists fight director william hobbs & feraud Harvey keitel atmospheric and superb acting.

THE DUELLISTS: THE FINAL DUEL  When Ridley Scott won the Best Debut Film award at Cannes for his meditative historical drama The Duellists, he was already almost 40 years old. Perhaps that's why the film's ending feels so mature and elegiac, as the cycle of retributive violence between two Napoleonic-era Frenchmen (Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine) comes to an end with a single act of conditional mercy and a gorgeous shot of Keitel gazing out over a landscape worthy of any Barbizon painter.

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The Duellists ~ Harvey Keitel                            Keith Carradine

Directed by Ridley Scott. With Keith Carradine, Harvey Keitel, Albert Finney, Edward Fox. A small feud between two Napoleonic officers evolves into a decades-long series of duels.

Fx Reflects: Ridley Scott's The Duellists, 1977

Fx Reflects: Ridley Scott& The Duellists, 1977

Really entertaining period movie. Barry Lyndon-esque in the photography. The acting made the characters more modern than period, but it worked. Overall, I liked it.

Ridley Scott’s Brilliant First Film

Harvey Keitel & Keith Carradine, "The Duellists" (Ridley Scott)

The Duellists (1977) - Ridley Scott. I duellanti.

The Duellists (1977)

Harvey Keitel en “Los Duelistas” (The Duellists), 1977

Harvey Keitel en “Los Duelistas” (The Duellists), 1977

The Duellists

The Duellists is based on a short story by Joseph Conrad, but the movie is all about the visuals. Ridley Scott was making his feature debu.