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Shoot me, Print me, Tuck me, Fold me and then Shoot me Again

Shoot me, Print me, Tuck me, Fold me and then Shoot me Again. Aldo Tolino’s human portraits are of a creative loop which goes along the lines of: shooting a portrait, printing it on paper, then creasing it, tucking it and folding it until a brand new facial expression is created before shooting the printed-portrait-turned-sculpture for the final result. During this process, the more you rearrange the shape of the triangle grid on the surface the more facial expressions you generate.


Surreal Collages by Rocío Montoya


Make Your Own Autumn Leaves Garland

This autumnal craft idea from 6th Street Design School is simple, cheap and looks GREAT! The leaves are so pretty and shimmery, without feeling too ‘homemade’. You could hang yours across a fireplace, or maybe along the wall by some stairs. Once you’ve assembled all the supplies it should only take about ten minutes to [read more]


Specimen no. 07 by Michael Mapes, 2006, multi media - photographic prints, misc printed material, insect pins, pinning foam, glass vials, magnifiers, gelatin capsules,resin, wax, within wood box with glass cove, 16 x 14. I chose this image because it relates to fragments in how each section creates a bigger picture and is connected to the person in the picture.


Assemble Architects: from Cineroleum to Yardhouse – in pictures

Detail shot of the colourful shingles that fronts a studio designed for east London creatives.