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Butcher Diagram Beef- detailed cuts of beef poster - "Use Every Part of the Cow"

nose to tail. - cover for recipe cards. Very cool way of seeing all of the different cuts!


"The cow's calf not only is beautiful to look at, but also gives satisfaction to the cow, and so she delivers as much milk as possible. But in the Kali-yuga, the calves are separated from the cows as early as possible...The cow stands with tears in her eyes, the śūdra milkman draws milk from the cow artificially, and when there is no milk the cow is sent to be slaughtered. These greatly sinful acts are responsible for all the troubles in present society." -A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


This is the adult the the marshmallow cows you found. They are highland cows and stay VERY small!