These are one of the major weapons that the characters will be using. It's called the colt and it can kill any living thing. However, they can only use this weapon when they really need to.

The Colt, made by Samuel Colt in order to kill demons. Ruby later helps Bobby make thirteen more bullets in order to kill more demons and try to kill Lucifer.

"I will fear no evil"- latin inscription on the colt #supernatural

Non Timebo Mala gun engraving. Latin for "I will fear no evil" . would look awesome on my Smith and Wesson.

the colt..supernatural tattoos    Thumbnail for version as of 00:32, 19 February 2010

The idea of this is freaking sweet. the colt.supernatural tattoos Thumbnail for version as of 19 February 2010

MY OWN WORKS: The bones were discovered in Utah, underneath a mine that was supposedly haunted by a worker that was killed in a mineshaft collapse. The gold is from the California Gold Rush. A family was slaughtered and the gold was stolen. The killer later froze to death fleeing across the Rockies. The meteorite is a fragment of Halley's Comet that passed over as Samuel Colt made his special gun. What that does to the ring or the wearer, I'm not sure. You decide.......

Don't say that word. They'll hear you. Lmao SPN fans for the win! We always hear you. I want that ring. Is that weird?