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The Closest Chase Bank

"The problem is that European Elections are a very poor guide to general elections. As the analysis in British Future’s new report, ‘The Rise and Rise of the Outsider Election’ shows, European elections have become less and less like the general elections that follow them since the switch to a PR European election in 1999."

Randolph's Leap by Forres, Scotland The area surrounds the River Findhorn and is actually named after the point at the river where the sheer rock banks are closest, where according to legend an ancient chief known as Randolph was chasing a Comyn, who jumped to the other side and escaped back to his castle. The Comyn castle fell and the lands were turned over to Randolph and the name gradually changed from Comyn's Leap to Randolph's Leap

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I have no problem going to a bank to make deposits, to get out cash, or to simply check on my account. However, around my house there are no Chase Banks. The closest banks have horrible parking. Then I found the Chase iPhone app. Being able to check on my account and deposit checks visually has saved me time and money from arbitrary parking tickets. Thank you technology.

Afghan interpreter who worked with British army refused UK asylum

"An Afghan interpreter who worked with the British army was refused UK asylum, despite the fact that Sunder Katwala, director of British Future, said the British public had been consistently keen for Afghan translators, many of whom had taken significant risks to help British soldiers, to be offered security and protection."

General Election 2015: The young people who may cost the Lib Dems dear

"General Election 2015: The young people who may cost the Lib Dems dear. 3.3 million people will have the chance to mark their cross for the first time, but will they do it? Only a third of the first-timers are definitely going to vote, according to polling for the think-tank British Future."

The elite's arrogance strengthens Ukip's Nigel Farage: "Other polling evidence points to what Sunder Katwala calls “the Nigel Farage paradox: the more that Ukip’s media profile, poll rating and party membership has grown over the last two years, the more that support for the party’s core mission—that Britain should leave the European Union—seems to have shrunk.”"

This surging Green challenge could prove fatal to Labour

"As British Future points out, the hardline views of the one in 10 stalwarts certain to vote Ukip may deter moderate voters. But the surging Green challenge could prove fatal to Labour."

Royal British Legion sells poppy-covered Muslim hijab after initial stocks sell out

THE Royal British Legion is selling a Muslim hijab covered in the poppies for the first time after initial stocks SOLD OUT.

WW1 coverage 'uniting Britain'

"The commemoration of the First World War has increased the public's knowledge of the conflict and brought people in Britain together, according to new research by British Future."


“Britishness is still there in the background,” commented Sunder Katwala, director of the British Future think tank, “and we will come together for events such as the Jubilee and the First World War centenary.” And, one might add, the London Olympics and Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory. But, he continued, “the other nationalities are gaining ground. In England, as well as in Scotland and Wales, British is becoming the second identity.”

"When asked if Britain’s role in the war and the subsequent peace negotiations had an effect on their views of the UK today, only 23 per cent of German respondents selected answer options on either the ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ end of the scale... As such, Sunder Katwala of British Future rightly observes, this year’s centenary shouldn’t cause too much diplomatic headache between the UK and Germany — and it shouldn’t between the people of the two countries either..."

Spare Us From The Oh So Precious Royals Wills And Kate!

"The UK mainland seem to have no qualms about adopting the patron saint’s holiday as their own... I found it quite comical to find out that a survey carried out last year by British Future found that English people are actually more likely to be able to identify the date of St. Patrick’s Day than St. George’s Day. In fact, it was found that some were “too nervous” to celebrate the day of their own patron saint on April 23."

"Baroness Warsi criticised the Conservative Party for failing to 'woo' ethnic minority voters. British Future's Steve Ballinger discusses the Conservatives' image and evidence suggesting that they would have won a majority in 2010 had they tried to appeal to minority voters."

The term TERF - "trans exclusionary radical feminist" has become internet shorthand for "transphobic bigot". The odd thing is that most people hold beliefs which could see them labelled a "TERF". 

Most Ukip voters 'expect to govern'

"A quarter - or 24% - of Ukip supporters think the party's leader Nigel Farage will become prime minister in May, while 67% believe the party will be in Government, according to a new ICM poll published in a report from independent think-tank British Future."

Tories' failure to attract ethnic minority vote 'could cost nine seats at election'

"Tories' failure to attract ethnic minority vote 'could cost nine seats at election'. Some experts believe the Tories have already been seriously affected by their failure to attract a meaningful ethnic minority vote. Research by the thinktank British Future suggests the Conservatives would have won a majority in 2010 had the ethnic mix of the electorate been the same as in 1992."

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