"...You, Clark, have the choice not to let that happen" | Based on JoJo Moyes' bestselling book, Me Before You in cinemas

You, Clark, have the choice not to let that happen" ❤️Me Before You in cinemas June

Watching this with the hubby, thought we was going to watch it the other night but it was the wrong movie.

The Choice (2016)

We're still recovering from our feels about Jennifer Niven's All The Bright Places. Here are just a few reasons why...

Reading ‘All The Bright Places’ will change your outlook on life. Here’s why

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven - Meeting on the ledge of their school's bell tower, misfit Theodore Finch and suicidal Violet Markey find acceptance and healing that are overshadowed by Finch's fears about Violet's growing social world.

Read a sample from The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

Richard and Judy Book Club choice The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena is a page-turner with a web of dark secrets hidden within its story.

SHADOW QUEEN • Book Cover on Behance - created via http://pinthemall.net

This is a very creative way to get a message into one cover. I like the choice to use a serif rather than none (it could make the apple shape redundant?) The centered title with Shadow having the most focus in size works well.

Word Choice Craftivity... perfect for the month of October, but could be used any time of the year! $

Word Choice Halloween Craftivity: The Dull Word Graveyard

Learn to read recipe book..for the role play home corner

restaurant = restaurante :) "recipe book" using environmental print.great for dramatic play kitchen.also could do "menus" based on the play food in your kitchen area and teach children to recreate the menu their friend chose.too fun!

WW2 Rations for One Person in Britain, how slim we would all be if we stuck to this!  (These are the rationed foods, most people would grow their own vegatables) so veg would not be rationed, no eggs unless you had hens, just powdered egg. Some items were still rationed when I was born in the early 50s. Just think of all the choice we have now!

The Wartime Kitchen: Living of Rations with Ration Book Cooking - Day One

World War II weekly rations for one person in Britain. Most people grew their own vegetables. You were only allowed one fresh egg per week, unless you kept your own hens. Otherwise you were allowed one packet of powdered egg. Rationing continued until