Closet office- spare room idea. Smart way to use empty closet space. It allows room for other things!

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Ignatius Sabin thrived for sarcasm and witty humour. Sometimes he did it to lighten grim situations. Although most of the time it was purely through habit. It had gotten him into a lot of trouble through the years, yet he continued to go on without shame.

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animated gif raining rain hoody backpack katana swords sport before the fight blue dark sweater art illustration drawing

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Largest Mastiff Breed | ... dog the great dane dog by the name of george is the tallest largest

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This is a lovely little apartment in Sweden where the space has been used in a really great way. The kitchen is bright and well planned with great concrete counter tops. The hallway is a pretty inviting space as is the bedroom. It does not take a lot of furniture or a big home to create a wonderful and peaceful place! Enjoy! Trudy xx via Linking with: Mod Vintage Life, Sunny Simple Life

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~Black Elven Cape~ The perfect addition to your gown to transport you into the fantasy realm! Sweeping chiffon falls from the beaded collar. The cape

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Mounted with hinges at the bottom and a simple pulley system at the top it could serve as a drying rack in the laundry room.

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