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The butterfly garden

11 Books That Could Be This Summer's 'Gone Girl'

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English Bumble Bee ~ I love this picture. Bees are actually pretty gentle, and almost like little flying fuzz balls...

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Garden sculptures, use old bike rims, bend the spokes up, place the butterflies. You can move them around then and take them in for the winter.

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Great spotted woodpecker. About blackbird-sized and striking black-and-white. It has a very distinctive bouncing flight and spends most of its time clinging to tree trunks and branches, often trying to hide on the side away from the observer. Its presence is often announced by its loud call or by its distinctive spring 'drumming' display. The male has a distinctive red patch on the back of the head and young birds have a red crown.

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Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) - Mixed - Shrub Buddleja davidii - These fragrant butterfly bushes in 3 fabulous colours will attract plenty of butterflies to the garden. The varieties: Royal Red, White Profusion and Empire Blue.

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How to build a Bug Hotel :: Garden activities for curious kids

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Insect hotel - really great for kids to make, and a fab way to teach them how important insects are to the health of your garden

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