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10 Years ago opened the Dark Portal | The Burning Crusade on the anniversary! #worldofwarcraft #blizzard #Hearthstone #wow #Warcraft #BlizzardCS #gaming

The Burning Crusade turns 10! Released on January 15 2007 #worldofwarcraft #blizzard #Hearthstone #wow #Warcraft #BlizzardCS #gaming

Charlemagne (left) and his eldest son, Pepin the Hunchback. Tenth-century copy of a lost original from about 830.

It is precisely because vaccination is faith based and fear based that logic, facts, and scientific evidence seem powerless in softening the intensity and fervor of the vaccinate advocate. These truly are the Dark Ages. The religious crusades are alive and well. The conquest and genocide of the savages is being fully endorsed by our governments and high priests. The witches and pagans are once again being burned at the stake.

Statue of Alice Nutter in Roughlee, Pendle, Lancashire, England. Alice was tried, convicted, and executed as one of the Pendle Witches in 1612.


Blizzard JANUARY 2007 World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is released. Selling nearly 2.4 million copies in the first 24 hours, it becomes the fastest-selling PC game ever.

In many ways, The Burning Crusade was my favorite endgame. Not only was it fun (and hard), but it was a time of heavy design experimentation where the Fel Reaver’s share of new gameplay ideas were introduced…


"When I hear from people that religion doesn't hurt anything, I say. Really? Well besides wars, the Crusades, the inquisitions, 9-11, the suppression of women, the suppression of homosexuals, fatwas, honor killings, sucide bombings, arranged marriages to minors, human sacrifice, burning witches, and systematic sex with children, I have a few quibbles." -Bill Maher