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I love this as I love sailing. Though I don't get much of an opportunity to do so nowadays. I find there is something very clean and cleansing about sailing on a day like the one in the picture. Just setting the sails, watching them in the wind and on the horizon, feeling the wind in your face on deck. I love racing too, and all the ropes and charts that go along with sailing off-shore. I do, however, get seasick sometimes below deck in rough weather and prefer to stay topside in choppy…

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Which materials make the best boat

Making and racing boats - a great little activity for anyone with a travel/ transport theme this term


St Micheals mount, Penzance. Cross the crossway at low tide and explore the castle and its beautiful gardens. Legend says a giant threw the rocks into the sea in anger. Just make sure you time it right on the way back. The tide races in fast and can cut of the unwary walker, so take one of the many boats back

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That's why we get along so well because I can never understand what he is saying.... Love him! You have no idea! Lol

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Tin Foil River Outdoor Water Play

One of the very first things I pinned on Pinterest was a tin foil river.  I have often wondered if this activity would actually be worth it.  Does this actually work?  Would the tin foil hold up?  Would the boys like it?  So we decided to give it a try!  Aidan was gone at basketball …


Cambridge, UK--punting on the Cam or one of its canals. What a wonderful way to spend a summer day.


Rain gutters filled with water. Plastic boats. Child blows through a straw to move the boat down the track.


Elsie Tanner and Ena Sharples - Pat Phoenix and Violet Carson share a between the takes hug on the set of Corrie


Summer fair stall idea.... Rain pipe with the ends blocked - fill with water and small boat - fire water pistol at the boat to make it move... First to the end of the pipe wins!


The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race: "Up to a quarter of a million people turn out to watch even though most of them know nothing about rowing and will be able to see only a small part of it; and some are too busy drinking to see the boats speed past. Around another nine million watch on TV, an estimated 600 million worldwide, making it the biggest boat race on the planet. It takes place on the Thames in London, from Putney Bridge." Eccentric Cambridge and Eccentric Oxford…