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Ski yoghurt. The first yoghurt I ever tasted was Ski, hazelnut flavour, and I hated it. Now I love it, and hazelnut is my favourite flavour!

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Golden Wonder Crisps. Did the best Cheese & Onion I've ever tasted. Loved them when they had been overcooked.

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A far cry from the cds and ipods of today...anyone else remember recording the top 40 off the radio on a Sunday night?

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IL0VETHE80s&90s on

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1970s Babycham Glass. I had a set of these! We used to have babycham with cherries in at Christmas - and thought we were very cultivated!

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It's soap! AND it's deodorant! The original multitasking bathroom product, years before anyone had even considered scoffing at the absurd notion of taking TWO bottles into the shower...

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