I love this! It really shows the contrasts between who they were at the beginning, and who they were at the end. They all changed so much.

I've just started re-watching The 100 and it makes me want to cry. They are so innocent and happy instead of being so scarred and weighed down by guilt.

The 100 - humanity attempts to return to Earth after a nuclear war and those selected to go first on Earth are all young offenders under 18 years. The 100 - l'humanité tente de revenir sur terre après une guerre nucléaire et ceux choisis pour aller en premier sur Terre sont tous des jeunes délinquants de moins de 18 ans.

The 100 - Mankind attempts to return to earth after a deadly nuclear war--and those chosen to touch down first are all attractive teenage delinquents (CW, remember?

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The 100  Finally, here’s a new character poster—you can find more at the link.

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The 100. Very unique premise, been getting better and better with every episode!

The 100 - tv show about juvenile delinquents being sent to an earth filled with radiation

The 100 season one + music / / this show has some of the best music on its soundtrack! #the100

ugh season one had THEE best sound tracks(also Knocking On Heaven's Door later uh YES👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😭😭😭)

Octavia Blake in season 2 episode 9 - “Remember me” || The 100 || Marie Avgeropoulos Thunder Bay, Ontario

Post Mortem: The 100 EP, Stars on Bellamy & Lincoln's 'Conflict' — Plus: Who Won't Make It to the City of Light?

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Marie Avgeropoulos and Adina Porter The 100 cast behind the scenes Octavia Blake and Indra

„The 100“ spielt im Jahr 3010 - 97 Jahre nachdem ein Atomkrieg nahezu jegliches Leben auf der Erde ausgelöscht hat. Die unbewohnbare Erdoberfläche wurde aufgegeben, die letzten Überlebenden der Menschheit befinden sich an Bord des Raumschiffs/der Orbitalstation The Ark. Unter dem Druck schwindender Ressourcen werden 100 kriminell gewordene Jugendliche zur Erde entsandt, um  herausfinden, ob die Möglichkeit besteht, den Planeten in naher Zukunft wieder zu besiedeln.

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