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#Repost @bong.bae_ with @repostapp Went for a little nature walk to cleanse my vibes found some super cute fungus and got really stoned with my @piecemakergear pipe Feeling stressed picking my life's path lately.. not sure if I should try to get a job in the wine/weed industry once I finish my bachelors or to apply for pharmacy school So many options! this bowl really helped tho Have a lovely humpday fam sending you happy mushroom thoughts #cannabiscommunity #bongbeauties…

More than half of the United States has already legalized the use of marijuana in one form or the other. Another four states – California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine – also voted in favor of complete legalization of the drug earlier in November 2016.

Only together we can make a difference! The truth awaits to be known.

THC: How Long Does it Stay in Your System? - TheJointBlog

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5 Unusual (Yet Relaxing) Spa Treatments to Try

If you’ve ever emerged from the cocoon of a cleansing facial and thought, ‘The only thing that could make this better is if it included breast milk,’ then you’re in luck: Colorado spas are offering up some pretty bizarre beauty treatments. From a massage with THC-infused lotions to the aforementioned breast milk facial, here are some of the weirdest spa services we’ve come across on our quest for eternal youth and beauty. Brew & Renew Massage at Four Seasons Vail


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