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Materials: BJURSTA Bar Table Description: We have been looking around for ages for a good rabbit house but of course none of them met the specs which we had in mind nor were they very “quality for money”. So, we hacked! We luckily got a new (larger and more oval shaped) wood kitchen table from [&hellip


Goat: What are you doing, Pig? Pig: Our landlord is coming over. So I'm covering up a hole Rat made in the wall with the valance. Goat: And why all the Chex cereal on the ground? Pig: I threw them there. I'm hoping he'll step on them and that will distract him from looking up and seeing the hole. Goat: Pretty smart system. Pig: Yeah...we're proud of our system of Chex and valances. Rat: You ruin the entire comics page.

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The latest feeding recommendation for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas is a diet of 80% grass hay and/or fresh grass. But why are there so many pet owners reluctant to do this? Maybe there is a fear that their beloved pet will starve to death. Or how do we know if our hay in South Africa is good...

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Miniature teacup pigs are not the tiny companion animals that they are sold as. They will grow into full-grown pigs. (article)

Hamster Training - Do Not Disturb your Hamster..not only will it get annoyed and possibly bite but that can destroy the trust it may already have for you

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Pigs can be taught to do tricks! | 14 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Pigs


What Will The Year Of The Sheep Mean For You? #refinery29 Overview of 2015 For Pigs Prosperous Pig, You have certainly come to the right year! Pigs love and admire Sheep. When I meet a Sheep person, I am sure there is an adoring Pig lurking around somewhere nearby. Sheep attract Pigs the way Pigs attract money (which may give us a hint as to why Sheep are, in their turn, attracted to Pigs) and these two are ...

What your Guinea Pig needs. Getting guinea pigs is an exciting time! Here is a list of items you will need for the arrival of your New Guinea Pigs A...