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Pan-Seared Cod in White Wine Tomato Basil Sauce

Included this in his Thanksgiving care package, along with my perfume he asked me to send. Anything to make us feel closer. <3


Thanksgiving Care Packages

"Thanksgiving Care Packages" by veteransunited on Polyvore..Somehow I'll pull a missionary theme together with this idea! xD More

Deployment Care Package: I just finished up this Thanksgiving Box for Aron! Complete with a "Turkey Day Dinner" ....turkey jerky, potato chips, Crasins, pop corn, and apple pie for dessert. :D

Thanksgiving Care Package: Turkey well done (Turkey Jerky), green bean casserole minus the casserole (Funyuns), cranberry sauce minus the sauce (Craisins), Potatoes (Pringles: baked potato), Soda (Jelly Belly soda flavors), Rum (Buttered rum lifesavers), Assorted pies (Little Debbies), Apple cake (in a jar!) with your choice of toppings (Make your own creation), a little football (nerf) tobacco (the Native Americans brought it to the feast, right?) And hygiene products (clean up before…