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This is the best eye shadow primer I have ever used! I've tried other brands such as Two Faced and Tarte, and the product seemed to get watery inside the tube and I would have to squish it in attempt to mix it before I used it. This formula is very consistent and not watery at all.

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Day 16 - favourite classic - Peter Pan because I remember seeing it loads as a kid and it never grows old even now.

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Supernatural - Photo manip of Jensen by pompei77 with Destiel Casino AU in comments. Read and have sweet dreams, you can thank me later. XD

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By Wendy Andrew.Loving the Yule Dawn. The warmth of love in the cool of winter. A beautiful achievement .

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This week's eye tutorial is a smokey cat eye! I'll post a full face picture later. Thanks to @kjellholmes for requesting an eye with the @urbandecaycosmetics Naked 2 palette. Remember that if you're feeling uninspired with a certain palette, you can always ask me to take a crack at it. And if you post a recreation, tag me. I love seeing them!

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