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Barnafoss - elisa vendramin Illustration commissioned by Civilization Magazine {Copenhagen, December 2011}. This digital collage is based on the Icelandic folk tale of Barnafoss and features both landscape photography as well as satellite footage.

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Emma Johnson, Matrix Emma Johnson's work deals with issues of deconstruction and transformation, the recycling of materials, and the ambiguity of communication - as well as the obsessive repetitive actions used in the making of the work. Road maps are reconstructed into artworks which stand as a tangible and symbolic presence of the information contained within, but are virtually unreadable.

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The Tate Gallery By Tube; by David Booth of the agency Fine White Line, 1986. ‘The Tate Gallery By Tube’ poster was commissioned for Art on the Underground, a poster-commissioning initiative launched in 1986. | Forgotten London Underground posters - Telegraph

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I like the simplicity of the lines, but there's a particular whimsical quality…

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Grey traditional living room with fireplace and alcove shelving

Decor - I like the map over the fireplace. We are thinking of getting a cool map to put over one of the two fireplaces and integrate our two existing maps into the wall

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