#Walsworth Haltom High School, Haltom, Texas #AskMike

When I look at this page I got a vision of potentially having something with the exchange students telling their stories. Or we could use this for maybe hearing some teachers stories.

This story, which may or may not make you cry. | 22 Tumblr Posts About Grandparents That Will Warm Your Heart

This story, which may or may not make you cry.

The Story Of Patrick And Chad

The Story Of Patrick And Chad

16 Times Tumblr Took Writing Prompts And Just Frickin' Ran With Them

16 Very Short Stories That Prove Tumblr Is Full Of Sarcastic Geniuses

This is what happens when you give a bunch of smartasses a writing prompt.- no this is what happens when gamers respond to one. Know the grind.

Shit happens sometimes 10+ Pics

memes 30 photos 212 Memes so dank youll need a humidifier Photos)

The hilarious story of mail man and the lady

Woman Drags Mailman Into Her Bedroom When He Asks Her Why She Says This funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor stories dirty jokes funny jokes adult jokes - dezdemon-humor-addiction.

This is true, I know whenever my mom is coming down the stairs or my pup it's just a habit for me to listen for their footsteps now

(z): Haha lol, how to get yourself into a horror scenario 101

How are they typing and reading these if they're blind? I know you can do text to speech but how about reading other posts and just generally navigating the internet? Or are they not fully blind?

How are they making a text post if they’re blind? Maybe legally blind. Hmmm still seems a lil sketch city tho