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This is AWESOME. I love interactive art that makes you experience their point. Very well done.

Is Distracted Driving The New Drunk Driving? #Infographic #Accidents #Driving

Is Distracted Driving The New Drunk Driving? #Infographic

Read more: Close to Home This beautiful yet horrific film which is part of AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign doesn't pull any punches in getting across the dangers of texting and driving. Tags: AT&T,Frédéric Planchon,Kevin Mulroy,Grant Mason,BBDO, New York,Anonymous Content, Culver City,Greg Hahn,David Lubars,Matt MacDonald,Erik Fahrenkopf,L.P. Tremblay

Read more: Scottish Government Scottish Government “Alerts”# At a treacherous corner, a man fails to spot a car and a horrific accident ensues. As he lies dying, we see the texts that continue to come plopping in from his loved ones. A Scottish Government commercial warning of the hazards of driving on country roads. Tags: The Leith Agency, Edinburgh,Rufus Wederburn,Chris Watson,Scottish Government